When is it time to stop whining and be grateful?

In a word….NOW! Yes, I mean now. Emotions are running hot and the stress level is high, but, it is still time to stop complaining and be grateful. Please. If you or a family member are not on a ventilator or have lost someone you love to COVID-19, please think before you speak about how this virus is inconveniencing you. It’s really boils down to that big of a picture. People are facing death with this thing. In comparison, the cancellation of activities is pretty minor. I get that the economic stress is significant as well. My husband and I just finished a somewhat grueling loan application process to try to keep our businesses and our employees afloat during this time. The whole thing just re-bubbled all my pent up anxiety to the surface again. I couldn’t help it. But, I had to take a step back and regain some perspective and be glad that this option is possibly available to us in the first place. There are no guarantees even if we are able to get the loan. I am hoping against hope that my own cleverness combined with opportunity and a good deal of altruism will carry me through somehow. I am working hard every day, even though I am supposed to be on vacation, researching ways to get through this thing. I am trying to figure out how to remind people through advertising that I intend to stick around without seeming tacky. I am begging lenders and trying to build bridges just like the rest of the world, while trying to keep my family’s spirits up, home cook every night and ration the toilet paper the best that I can. I know how hard it is. I understand what is going on. I am just asking that you take a second before posting your latest Covid complaint post and put things into perspective again. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, let’s try to enjoy today if we can. Have a great day everybody.

Dr. Katz

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