Flattening the social skills curve: a side effect of the COVID pandemic

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Does anyone else out there notice that they have forgotten how to have a normal conversation lately? I feel like somehow in my mind these last five weeks have really been ten years and I have become sort of like Nel and am losing some basic language skills due to lack of exposure…lol I really have no excuse. I am still working, when I can get patients to show up, and I have had to leave the house a few times for essentials. I do see actual human beings every day at my house and at least once a week at the office and the hospital. And yet, I find myself talking to my dogs like they are my best friend and mooning over 5 year old Facebook memories as if I cannot even remember what those times were like. If I happen to be out walking the dogs( which is often whenever I am home. I am going to have the most fit Shih Tzus on the planet!) I find myself doing an intensive mental prep just in case a random person were to show up and want to have a conversation…..at a safe distance. I try to have any one of a dozen pre prepared things to say because when it does happen, I find myself blathering on endlessly like a 5 year old just to make the conversation last longer until the unsuspecting person finally tears themselves away. Yikes! I am so sorry! I just can’t help it right now. I find myself doing the same thing at the grocery store, just in case someone would want to talk to me. I give over exuberant responses to the basic, polite ” How ya doin?” question as if it might be the last question I am ever asked. I realize that it is ridiculous, but I can’t seem to stop myself just the same. It seems like I am attempting to flatten my own curve right now: the social skills curve. Here’s hoping that that is as temporary as our quarantine. Have a great day everybody!

Dr. Katz

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