Am I cut out to be a blogger?

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Hey everybody. Today I am celebrating my 11 weeks and 2 days anniversary of blogging. So far, I think it is going ok. I feel like I am making, or at least attempting to make, a solid contribution of value to the blogosphere. I feel fortunate that the writer in me that laid dormant for 20 plus years while life intervened is finally batting her eyelids and emerging into my consciousness. It feels good to be writing consistently again and so far, it seems like at least some people are reading and enjoying my content. I’ve had over 2000 hits in under three months. To me that seems like a big deal, but I realize that, in the grand scheme of things, it probably isn’t.

I am diligently attempting to be a good student as well as a creator. I have poured over Cristian Mihai’s sage advice in THE ART OF BLOGGING regarding the 7 habits of highly effective bloggers. He says that effective bloggers are prolific, while balancing quality over quantity. Ok then. I have about 50 posts in the last 12 weeks. I am unclear on the exact definition of prolific, but I think my 50 is a solid start.

He says that effective bloggers are creative. If creative is a euphemism for variety, I think I am doing reasonably well in that department as well. I have talked about everything from COVID 19, to vaginas, to teenagers so far.

He says that effective bloggers are really, really, really passionate. I definitely have that down. I don’t blog about anything that isn’t backed by strong conviction, fact and some opinion as well.

Effective bloggers never stop learning. I think I am definitely on the steep part of the curve at the moment. As a physician, I have always been a perpetual student when it comes to medial topics, but now I have become a perpetual student of life as well. This is a truly wonderful part of blogging for me. I am learning and researching new things every day as I search for the perfect idea and more ways to stretch myself intellectually and creatively. Sometimes it takes me hours or days to complete my research on a particular topic and I find myself diving into books and articles that maybe never sparked my interest before. I have become braver in my interactions with the world around me and more willing to explore new things. These are welcome side effects in my world.

Effective bloggers are also focused and consistent. This is something that I am continuing to work on. I do not have the schedule down pat just yet. Some days I will post three times in a day. Sometimes I let 3 days or more go between posts. It all depends on my work schedule, when I can get near a computer and how much the creative juices are flowing that day. I guess we will call that one a work in progress.

He says that effective bloggers are visible and engaging. I feel that this element is a work in progress as well. I try to respond to every comment, if I get any at all. I have linked my blog to my other social media accounts so that I can reach more people and some dialogues are slowly starting. It all takes time I guess. Reader loyalty does not grow on trees. You have to cultivate it. I try to write as though I am having a direct conversation with the reader as a peer and sometimes as an expert. I am always striving for new ways to engage readers because I truly want this blog to be a vehicle for information, empathy, and humor. I value every reader, even the ones that make a negative comment. Even negative feedback is still feedback has the potential to be valuable. I am not writing this stuff for praise or self-validation. I am writing because this is what I truly think and feel and I am hoping that it might help someone else as well.

Lastly, Cristian says that effective bloggers are persistent. He says successful bloggers don’t give up. They do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. He says that overnight success is a myth. I feel like this rings true for everything in life. It falls along the same lines as anything worth doing is worth doing well…or hard work pays off. The trouble is that no one is ever very specific on the exact timeline that you are striving for. Hmmmm. I guess I will have to decide that one for myself. I am no stranger to hard work nor do I have no plans to give up in the near future. Onward I say!

So, let’s end with a very real question. How do you think I’m doing? I’ve got my own opinions, but what do you think? I am bravely asking for feedback. What interests you my readers? What would you like to talk about? Let me know and let’s keep this momentum going. Have a fantastic day.

Dr. Katz

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