Don’t you wish your gyno was hot like mine?

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Initial disclaimer: Before you read this, please understand that this is intended for humor only.

So, I hear from men all the time that I must have the greatest job in the world! This leads me to believe that, in their mind, I spend my days with hot, sexy, naked women and their perfect bodies and private parts all day long to my heart’s desire. In addition, I am sure that these same fine gentleman wish that they were a hot, male gynecologist like in the 1989 SNL sketch Mel Gibson: Dream Gynecologist. (Yes it’s real. Look it up. )

I hate to burst your bubble gentleman, but first of all…Ewww….and COME ON! These kind of comments just exemplify ignorance regarding what I actually do and what attracts women to a particular physician. First of all, let me clear up what I do all day long. I see women of all body types, ages and colors for every kind of health and pelvic issue that you could imagine from incontinence to infections to cancer. Yes that’s right gentleman. It is much harder to get them in for routine maintenance when everything is perfect ” down there” like the vaginas you are dreaming about as opposed to when something is “amiss.” That includes elderly women who bring me their crusty underwear, wondering what that discharge is all about and women with STDs that have gone untreated for a long time. It’s not all fun and games gentleman. This is a serious job, not some endless beauty pageant of genitalia. You may not believe this, but once you stare at anything consistently for a long time, day in and day out, the excitement wains. I guarantee it.

Now let’s deconstruct the hot male gynecologist ideal. Be prepared to have your mind blown. Did you know that multiple patient surveys have been conducted regarding possible gender bias in patient selection of a gynecologist? Most patients said that they picked their gynecologist based upon experience, not gender. Those that did pick based on gender usually picked a female because they felt that a female would be better capable of understanding what they were going through. There were still a few that picked a male, yearning back for the days of 1950’s patriarchal medicine, but they were not the majority. Now add on top of that the fact that patients have said that they would feel too intimidated if they picked a gynecologist that was too good looking. In other words, the odds may be ever NOT in your favor if you are a hottie. Sorry.

Well, I hope that I was able to clear up some of your misconceptions about the real world of gynecology. For now, I will just keep on keepin on with my frumpy, female badass self. Cheers!

Dr. Katz

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