Don’t wait till yer dyin to love deeper.

How does that Tim McGraw song go? The guy found out he was dying and decided to love deeper and speak sweeter? Now that there was hardly any time left? That song makes me cry every time I hear it, not just because the guy is dying, but because of all the time he obviously wasted when he could have been savoring life, everything and everyone around him.

Let me tell you first hand that I am being worked up for lymphoma right now. One possible type is very treatable and the other is far more aggressive and tricky. Either way, I am in for a fight and, like with any possible cancer diagnosis, there is a possibility that I won’t make it. It’s just the reality of the situation. However, I know one thing for sure: I have tried to live my life to the fullest and love the deepest since the day I was born. I have always tried to put myself out there. I have tried new things. I have been kind. I have always let my family know that they are my true love and my whole heart. Do I have some regrets? Sure. Everybody does. Are there some things that I would have done differently? Of course. I have had a shit ton of tragedy and obstacles too and I have learned from all of it. But, no matter what, I know that I have had a life well-lived so far and that I am going to continue to head in that direction. I am so grateful for that. I can’t imagine feeling like I have to cram an entire life’s worth of experiences and savoring into a couple of months because I wasted it all before that point. It’s an impossible task. My advice is take it all in now! Savor everything now! Send love out to the universe now! Don’t kid yourself and hold back thinking that you’ll always have plenty of time. Tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us.

Dr. Katz

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