Sometimes it’s hard

Sometimes it’s hard

Hard to always smile

Hard to show a good face

Hard to have a positive attitude

But you know what’s harder?




Each of those

more destructive than the last.

Not for me I said.

Not for me.

I need all my strength

To fight the real enemy.


I looked around

and warriors were

what I found.

Young and old.

So many different

Stories told.

Some long and

Some mercilessly short.

No way to sustain their fort.

All with liquid weapons

of choice.

The only way to raise

their voice

Against a mutual

enemy within.

Even as their strength

wained thin.

Still fighting their

Own way.

Fighting to thrive

Another day.

Pushing for

themselves or a loved on.

Until their battle is

officially won.

Who is that in the mirror?

I’m a tired little warrior.

Too much out of my control.

But the fight fuels my fire

And is good for my soul.

I try to ignore all the other things

Like bloating, balding, and not wearing rings.

I tell myself that it’s okay.

If I can’t recognize my reflection today.

I’m still in there. I just need to see.

That I have to go through this.

I have to do it for me.