Is it ever going to be over?

Right now, I feel like we all have divided up our lives into two categories: pre-pandemic and during pandemic. I find myself using and thinking the phrase “before the pandemic” all the time. Before the pandemic I used to go to concerts and go on trips. Before the pandemic I had regular outings with friends. Before the pandemic, I didn’t think twice about going out. Before the pandemic, I had freedom. Before the pandemic, I didn’t weigh out every single social decision against the possible consequences. Now that has all changed. It’s not all bad. There is nothing wrong with actually weighing your decisions a little more carefully rather than flinging yourself into everything. On top of that, I have to admit that I have gained from the extra caution in the world now that I have cancer. I was already getting used to social distancing before my diagnosis. Now the reality of my vulnerable and immunosuppressed state is not such a shock. I have already been practicing the precautions. It is pretty much life as usual.

Still, I wish it were over. I understand all the precautions and the waiting to lift restrictions until more vaccine is distributed. I am just inpatient, even though the increased freedoms won’t really apply to me. I just want to see my friends and family live a little more. I just want to see them happier again. I feel like everyone is in the same boat. It’s ok to be frustrated. It is human nature.

Here is what I don’t understand. We have more than one vaccine now. Despite the perception that these vaccines are somehow new or rushed, the technology being used has been around for the last ten years or so. Yes, we are having issues with the order of availability. That is true. But, we are attempting distribution the best that we can. I say this even though my own hospital ran out of vaccine for me and I had to travel to get mine because other vaccine groups opened up before all of us physicians were vaccinated. Nonetheless, I was grateful to get it when I was able to, even though there was a significant wait. So, we have these vaccines, which are what people have been clamoring for all these months, and yet, many people are still declining them? The scare techniques against the vaccine are particularly insidious and unfortunately, effective. What is the point? The vaccine is our best option to get us closer to this all being over. Why holler and demand for answers and solutions and just shut them out once we get them? I get that there may be risks with the vaccine. There are risks with anything. But, I am here to tell ya, the risks of Covid are much greater than any risks the vaccine could impose. I guess it all boils down to one big question. If what we really want is for this to be over, why aren’t we more willing to do what it takes to make that happen?

Dr. Katz

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