Bye Bye Gourmet Dinners..or…how are these mofos gonna make it without me?

Now remember, this is just for fun….

I can see it already. The countdown to chemo has started. 5 days from now I will receive my first 5 hour installment of a combination of poisons and immunotherapy. Yippee! Bring on the side effects! Let’s get this show on the road! One step closer to a cure!( I hope) Bring on the easter egg look! Now we are really getting somewhere! Finally moving in a positive direction!

It all sounds “good” doesn’t it? Just what I have been anxiously waiting for all these months with all the delays etc. Feeling weirdly nervouscited, terrified, and good about it all at once. But then, I flashed back to the conversation that my chemo nurse had with my husband at our last visit. He was trying to be funny and made a silly remark about how my the quality of dinners at our house has really elevated since I have been home so much and that at least there was one benefit of me having cancer. The nurse kind of glared at him and said, “Mister, you can kiss those gourmet meals goodbye for now because I can guarantee that she won’t have the energy to do it.” He looked kind of stunned. Literally that thought had not occurred to him until that exact moment…lol I could see his wheels spinning; No more chicken cordon bleu. No more baked ribeye with a parmesan crust. OMG! I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing. Seriously dude? Last time I checked, more than one person in our house knew how to cook. Someone else can run frantically home at lunch and throw something in the oven with the timer for later. I started to visualize the mounds of take out containers in the filthy kitchen of unwashed dishes. I started hearing the pitiful whining of human beings wasting away. Then I realized that gourmet dinners were not the only thing that was going to go the way of the dodo. OMG! I was going to have to concentrate on myself and getting rest and not taking care of everything for everybody. Oh my lord who was going to keep track of everybody’s schedules without me nagging all the time? Were they going to have to be responsible for making it to their own appointments? Find their own rides? Was my daughter going to have to finally get her long overdue driver’s license? Were the dogs ever going to be let out to go to the bathroom? Was the house just going to be awash in filth all the time? Were any bills ever going to be paid on time? Oh man! I really started snowballing. I was in charge of a lot more than I ever stopped to consider. Mind you, I had already started the family on my own version of achieve your independence boot camp, but was it going to be enough? Lol….I guess we will have to wait and see. I’ll get back to you.

Dr. Katz

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