It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster People!

Boy I tell ya. Every time I think I have my crap together, it seems like I am destined to have a mini emotional breakdown. It’s as if that temporary sense of peace and satisfaction sends out an invisible beacon, calling for something else to happen to tip the emotional scale against me. Of course I know that’s not true, but it feels true. Logically, there are a ton of reasons for me and everyone else in the world to have recurrent crying spells and emotional breakdowns. Nothing feels the same anymore. The long term isolation and restrictions have us overly craving any decisions that could be called ours, even down to the day to day minutia. When one thing doesn’t go our way, we are devastated, even if it is something otherwise insignificant. Our feelings bruise more easily. I promise you. There are some days that I could cry if someone looks at me the wrong way. It seems like people are ready to point fingers and blame everyone and everything else for how they are feeling. We are further imprisoned by our unreasonable expectations of those around us lately, which only sets us up for more failure and disappoinent. In my case, my plate is heaped full between the pandemic, it’s effects on my business, and now cancer on top of it! I get it! We are all frustrated and hurting in different ways. It’s understandable and it makes sense! We need to move forward but until we can, we still have to be accountable for ourselves, our actions, and our feelings. We still have to make an attempt to do things that make sense.. We may still weep and fret along the way,, but it is the only way we will be able to eventually get to where we need to be.

Dr. Katz

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