Bald IS the new sexy!

Traditionally, I would say this in reference to men…and to sell more Mr. Clean specials at the laser center! But now, I have joined the club. A healthy dose of cancer shedding, being tired of constantly sweating, a clever idea from my daughter Katy and voila! I have joined the club! Granted, it has only been an hour since we publicly shaved my head on video, jamming out to 80s tunes and then shared it. But, you know, I feel weirdly relieved and liberated. True, this could all be the result of rash, steroid and chemo-induced flight of ideas decision making. It’s possible, but I truly don’t think that’s it.( Tune in tommorow to see if I am crying over my pile of hair. I’ll own it if I

Seriously, I feel kind of liberated. On top of that, when I ran outside to howl for a minute, the breeze felt FAN FRICKING TASTIC! YESSSSS! I kind of danced around the yard a minute and let the moon bounce off the top of my head with relish. I think it boils down to the fact that this was MY decision on My terms. This was a weirdly welcome alternative to the constant worrying about when the next clump of hair was going to come out in public somewhere. It really was. My poor husband, on the other hand, is a little bit stunned. I think, for him, this is a smack in your face, unavoidable reminder of what is going on. I have to give him a minute. I have to remind him that it will be ok……and that I’m…still… Have a fantastic, freeing night!

Dr. Katz

2 thoughts on “Bald IS the new sexy!

  1. I love this on SO many levels❤️❤️❤️ I had the honor and privilege to shave my sister (on her terms as well) and the empowerment that followed was beautiful to witness!

  2. I have always thought you are beautiful, both inside and out. My favorite doctor. You are doing such a great job sharing your journey I am thinking of you as my ,doctor, friend and prayer partner. I wish you well in every step Ann Dempsey

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